Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PDC 1 - 0 Motorolla

Today is a day to remember. It's been like 2 years since I join the PDC football maniacs to play football. We played quite a few of friendy games with other company but sadly, a draw was the best we ever had. But not after today. Against the mighty Motorolla team, we scored in the opening minutes and we had a clean sheet. Kudos to Cheah Z who scored the goal and Han Sing for guarding the goal so well. Not to forget all other players who show the character.
Now that we've won one... we are hunger for more... Glory glory PDC!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


人, 在受傷的時候. 往往是最容易受到感觸.
一句平時再普通的歌詞, 忽然間好像在述說著你我的結局.
一幕再平常不過的畫面, 忽然間好像再重演著我們最開心的日子.
一個平凡的動作, 又勾起了曾相識的回憶.
記憶猶新, 但感覺已在那遙遠的地方.
地方可以重遊, 事情可以重擬, 但結局已不能刪改.
就讓那往事如相簿般上鎖吧! 是好或坏都已成過去.