Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thinking of You

My life has become so colourful since after you came into it serendipitously.
I miss you so much J.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

4 weeks

It wasn't a sleepless night for me, I fell asleep quite easily. But I didn't sleep for long. Woke up just a couple of hours later and I'm not feeling sleepy.
4 weeks of what I would say is one of the most significant moment of my life. From getting know a person, until fell for her, until play the guessing what's on her mind, until everything is crystal clean and finally until everything is over.
Before starting to write again, it's needed to tell all the readers what's my view on God. I do believe there is a higher power out there who keeps on watching us. I do believe that this life is just a phase, we will one day complete the journey here and move on to the next, whether it's the afterlife or the reborn, I don't know. What I never believe is what any other religious says and describe about God. Anyway that's just my personal view and it's not a topic to debate here.
I also believe that I am given difficult situations as tests by the higher power above, to see how I respond to them. Whether I will respond to it with the faith I have or I will eating all my promises and taking a short cut.
At the same time, I also think He is really pushing the limit to see how far I can go. The situations get more and more difficult each time. There are times I surrender to it as I am really tired of it. There are times I stood strong and hold my words.
This time, it's one of the trickiest test given to me. There were more than one occasion when I almost give in, against all my principles to get what I want. But I didn't. I don't get what I want in the end, but I defended my pride. Although it's just something I promise myself and no one will even know I break the promise to myself, but I'm keeping it and I am glad for what I've done.
Will this move to a step towards a saint? No I don't think so. I just know that one day when I look back, I may regret for not doing something but I will feel proud because I keep that promise I made to myself.
The tests will keep on coming and I only expect them to be tougher each time. Maybe I can only get what I want after I passed all of them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4th day after election

Today is the 4th day after the election. The shocking result of the opposition parties swept away the BN and taken 5 states still fresh in everybody's mind.
A lot of people write to express how they feel and their opinion on this election. Just like the election results, most of the articles favors the opposition. I still can't calm down my emotion everytime i read those articles. I'm so proud of everyone who voted to the opposition this time as we are the people who felt we needed a change, we are the people who felt Malaysia need a breath of air and we are the people who didn't fear of them and drawn a cross at the opposition box.
The future holds so much hope now as I see. We are now marching to a healthier politic in Malaysia. Government need to always review themselves if they are performing well or else they know they will be pulled down from the seat when the next election comes. This is the real democracy that we just obtain after the country has been independent for 50 years and declare itself as a democratic country.
The vision 2020, the dream to be a developed country by year 2020. Maybe we still cannot achieve that in just 12 years time. But I believe we will be much nearer than if we were still under the same government for the past 50 years.
Lets us really live up to the name that we are among the most developed country in south east asia. Lets us catch up the leader Singapore and lets keep the rest of the south east asia countries tailing us.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. ~V in V For Vendetta

The air is fresher

Chinese who always speak louder than taking action been talking about it so long, finally I'm really proud that action are taken and we change the look.
We've been complaining so much about the governement but no good action has been taken. Largely due to we just afraid that we will lose more when the water is stirred.
Some say that it's the same no matter who gets the power. Some say how we know that other can do the job better. I don't know, but I know the old boys are taking things for granted. They should be reminded that we choose them, they should be afraid of us. THIS TIME, WE SENT THE VOICE STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF THEIR HALL AND RATTLE THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE BUILDING THEY BUILT WITH OUR MONEY.
With the new look, I'm eager to see what the mixture of new and old boys can do. I've always wanted to migrate to other country because I don't have faith in the old boys. Now, I will put that decision aside and take a close look at the new Malaysia again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sky in California

The sky in California is always so blue and beautiful provided no rain. :)
This is a good place to stay in like it says California is the golden state. The weather here is pretty consistent and friendly to camera lense.

The photo was taken while I was driving with my camera. Blue wide sky decorated with patches of white cotton clouds. Heavenly beautiful. I know you agreed with me :)

Monday, March 3, 2008


"鱼的记忆只有7秒, 7秒之后它就不记得过去的事情,一切又都变成新的。所以在那小小的鱼缸里它永远不觉得无聊。因为7秒一过,每一个游过的地方又变成了新的天地”


相片摘自 Jean Fan, roseonthegrey ~ eat ur hart out
If there are a hundred steps between us,
You need to take just 1 step to get near me,
and I will take all 99 steps to be there for you.