Sunday, March 9, 2008

The air is fresher

Chinese who always speak louder than taking action been talking about it so long, finally I'm really proud that action are taken and we change the look.
We've been complaining so much about the governement but no good action has been taken. Largely due to we just afraid that we will lose more when the water is stirred.
Some say that it's the same no matter who gets the power. Some say how we know that other can do the job better. I don't know, but I know the old boys are taking things for granted. They should be reminded that we choose them, they should be afraid of us. THIS TIME, WE SENT THE VOICE STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF THEIR HALL AND RATTLE THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE BUILDING THEY BUILT WITH OUR MONEY.
With the new look, I'm eager to see what the mixture of new and old boys can do. I've always wanted to migrate to other country because I don't have faith in the old boys. Now, I will put that decision aside and take a close look at the new Malaysia again.


Fang Fang said...

can you predict what's gonna happen to Penang?

Thian Min said...

why predict? i am in it now and i'm enjoying every moment

Fang Fang said...

can't see anything yet right? :D
maybe later you won't enjoy it..

Thian Min said...

Enjoying every moment doesn't mean the moment must be good.

rebecca said...

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God's in his heaven

All's right with the world!

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