Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How Did I Fall in Love with You

Backstreet Boys
Black & Blue
How Did I Fall in Love with You

Remember when we never needed each other
The best of friends like sister and brother
We understood we'd never be alone

Those days are gone and I want you so much
The night is long and I need your touch
Don't know what to say
I never meant to feel this way
Don't want to be alone tonight

What Can I do to make it right
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?

I hear your voice and I start to tremble
Brings back the child that I resemble
I cannot pretend that we can still be friends
Don't want to be alone tonight

Oh I want to say this right
And it has to be tonight
Just need you to know, oh...oh
I don't want to live this life
I don't want to say goodbye
With you I want to spend the rest of my life

Everything changed we never knew
How did I fall in love with you...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


每一個人都以一張白紙的姿態來到這世上. 而每一個踏入我們生命的人都是一個手握著筆刷的人. 有些是很好的畫家, 而有些是個連握筆都不會的烂畫家.
他們在我們的白紙上塗了不一樣的圖案. 有些很美麗, 有些卻很難以接受. 有時一些很好的畫家畫了一副抽象畫, 但我們都不會欣賞, 或當我們懂得欣賞的時候, 他或她卻早已離開了我們.
有時我們遇見了一些半桶水的畫家. 他們偶爾畫出了一些可以媲美名家的畫, 而我們也傻傻的相信了他們. 而當我們突然發現他們其實是不到家的時候, 往往已經是很久後的事情, 過程中也錯過了很多好畫家.
但人生豈能盡如人意的每一次都讓我們遇上天分和畫工都一流的名師. 而且如果沒那些劣品的比較下, 我們又怎能鑑定哪些是絕世名畫. 鮮花也需要綠葉的陪襯下才能顯出她的抚媚.
而在一切之後, 我們都帶了一張屬於我們的那副畫, 一副述說我們一生的畫, 離開了這個地方.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The courage... the passion

This is 7.52 in the morning. It should be cold at this time in the office. But I don't feel that, the fire is burning inside.
Why? Well it's not because the reckless drivers on the road that make my blood boiling. There are just too much of them and I am now numb to their stupidity.
The fire is burning after watching a clip from Andy Lau. He's acting as an unfortunate guy who lost a leg after an accident. And shows how he picked himself up again and live with no less passion for life than any other people.
Highly recommended clip, follow link to watch it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


sitting in front of laptop, staring at this page for a long time. Don't know what should I write.
A lot of things in my mind, but just couldn't make them up and present them in a understandable way.
People say, when you had the best out of one thing, you often hard to be impressed anymore. I am too calm in a lot of things because I had the best out of it.
"My mistake was going to the same hotel and same room" -- what the hell is that. Nothing wrong with the scandal? it has no difference with wearing helmet while riding just because the policeman can't summon you.
Don't pretend you are someone else when you are not. I have a pair of eyes that can see right through you. I feel insulted when you are telling lies in front of me and you think that I will believe in you.
10 years later when I look back, will I regret over the path that I took? Should I just turn right at the crossroad number 5 instead of turning left?
If you can live 100 years, it's still insignificant compared to the age of the universe. What did you do that you think people will remember your name after another 10 years.
Killing someone and you'll be executed in a lot of country. What is the punishment for us killing our mother earth? I know, you burned your house and you have no where else to sleep tonight.
Is there any alien out there? I know there are, we are only here because coincidentally, there's a planet that we call it earth has the suitable condition for us to live. Other planets will have other conditions that are suitables for other form of life to live in.
Will we ever meet another kind of intelligent being? Maybe not, maybe we are all just too dumb to overcome the great distance between us. Ended up we can't go visit them, and they can't visit us.
Gladiators are just slaves and prisoners, made famous by the hollywood and we think they are the hero.

How Did You Know

Dedicated to The Special Someone,

I remember so well
The day that you came into my life
You asked for my name
You had the most beautiful smile

My life started to change
I'd wake up each day feeling alright
With you right by my side
Makes me feel things will work out just fine

How did you know
I needed someone like you in my life
That there's an empty space in my heart
You came at the right time in my life

I'll never forget
How you brought the sun to shine in my life
And took all the worries and fears that I had
I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
No words can express how much I love you