Thursday, January 3, 2008


sitting in front of laptop, staring at this page for a long time. Don't know what should I write.
A lot of things in my mind, but just couldn't make them up and present them in a understandable way.
People say, when you had the best out of one thing, you often hard to be impressed anymore. I am too calm in a lot of things because I had the best out of it.
"My mistake was going to the same hotel and same room" -- what the hell is that. Nothing wrong with the scandal? it has no difference with wearing helmet while riding just because the policeman can't summon you.
Don't pretend you are someone else when you are not. I have a pair of eyes that can see right through you. I feel insulted when you are telling lies in front of me and you think that I will believe in you.
10 years later when I look back, will I regret over the path that I took? Should I just turn right at the crossroad number 5 instead of turning left?
If you can live 100 years, it's still insignificant compared to the age of the universe. What did you do that you think people will remember your name after another 10 years.
Killing someone and you'll be executed in a lot of country. What is the punishment for us killing our mother earth? I know, you burned your house and you have no where else to sleep tonight.
Is there any alien out there? I know there are, we are only here because coincidentally, there's a planet that we call it earth has the suitable condition for us to live. Other planets will have other conditions that are suitables for other form of life to live in.
Will we ever meet another kind of intelligent being? Maybe not, maybe we are all just too dumb to overcome the great distance between us. Ended up we can't go visit them, and they can't visit us.
Gladiators are just slaves and prisoners, made famous by the hollywood and we think they are the hero.

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man.. i am so confused..