Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4th day after election

Today is the 4th day after the election. The shocking result of the opposition parties swept away the BN and taken 5 states still fresh in everybody's mind.
A lot of people write to express how they feel and their opinion on this election. Just like the election results, most of the articles favors the opposition. I still can't calm down my emotion everytime i read those articles. I'm so proud of everyone who voted to the opposition this time as we are the people who felt we needed a change, we are the people who felt Malaysia need a breath of air and we are the people who didn't fear of them and drawn a cross at the opposition box.
The future holds so much hope now as I see. We are now marching to a healthier politic in Malaysia. Government need to always review themselves if they are performing well or else they know they will be pulled down from the seat when the next election comes. This is the real democracy that we just obtain after the country has been independent for 50 years and declare itself as a democratic country.
The vision 2020, the dream to be a developed country by year 2020. Maybe we still cannot achieve that in just 12 years time. But I believe we will be much nearer than if we were still under the same government for the past 50 years.
Lets us really live up to the name that we are among the most developed country in south east asia. Lets us catch up the leader Singapore and lets keep the rest of the south east asia countries tailing us.


Anderson said...

But the stupid Sxxxxx still think in the way 50 years ago and spoil our hard work! @$%#$^%&$

Perak Kia said...

but i still see ridiculous thing happen in Perak!

pik lay said...

We will see how it goes it these 2 years before we can evaluate the result. But the destroying financial doc at selangor administrative building is really criminalized.

Anonymous said...

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