Friday, April 6, 2007

Application of the renewal of membershiT of Ling

Hmm...I think I really need to do something, as the mail finally sent to me.

Dear member #3 of the fellowshit of the Ling,

Please be informed that your membership of The Fellowshit of The Ling will be expired in 2 days. In order to extend the life of your membership, you are required to post at least 1 entry in these 2 days, or else your qualification will be terminated.

But frankly, I really don't have anything in my mind, what should I write here? She asked me write about my life, what I do everyday. Hmm..I don't have story about dog as I don't have a dog that i can train "him" jump here jump there and then praise "him" goooooooood boy... :S. Then he asked me to write this, "I am writing this blog, and I am going to sleep now". Err...Are all fat boy really so cute???

I think I will just take the questions from the first post (FAQ) from lengcai 1 (2>1, obviously lengcai 2 is more lengcai than lengcai 1) and re-answer here.

What you are doing now?
Also half-naked, sitting in front of the laptop in the living room, digging my brain to squeeze out anything to write. One more thing, my TV is on but I don't know what the show is on.

Will there be any reader?
I think there are. If no, please let me know, I will post some of my naked photos up. Again, my goal is to have >30 readers per day.

Who are you?
I am lengcai 2 (can call me han-han if you are pretty. Guys, please don't if you do not wish your dad cannot recognise your mum). She is "leng lui" with world's sexiest hair and he is lengcai 1 that always do crazy stuffs.

What makes three of you come together in one blog?
This is really a very long story....In short, she has a very sexy G-string and she was so innocent that she wore the string in front (OMG); I got a name GSH (G-String hunter) and he is a gay named Sterling.

Can you tell me more about three of you?
For those who do not know Hokkien, Siaolangs means crazy people.

Why should I read your blog again?
What else other than read? Can you eat or drink our blog?

That's all?
For guys, yes. For pretty gals, you can leave your message or add me in frienster.


Fang Fang said...

so you still not giving up the >30 readers per day part huh? remember how you ruin my echolow.blogspot? :s

jwlaw83 said...

Haha~~ you're really siao kia :P
And please... Don't put any naked photos of yours. Else here will be flooded with vomited stuff. Yucks!!

Beth said...

Great work.