Monday, October 15, 2007

SLU Funniest Home Video

Sitting in front of my laptop, having no idea what to do even with the laptop on, as all the Stephen Chow's movies downloaded to my laptop already watched many times. Browse my laptop to see what other intersting things I have, and finally I found collection of another type of funny videos. I think these clips should be rated SLU (Siao Langs' United) funniest home video.

No doubt, this one should be in the list, maybe not so funny but the great new phyton dance should be promoted.

No comment on this one, just have no idea till now what this girl was doing. Another question I have, did she bring her eyes out that day?

Broken CD?? Please turn on speaker while watching this clip. I first thought the cam has problem or my media player gets virus. Again, this clip is not editted or added in any remix thingy. He says it 4 times!

See the poor guy can only shake his head, another good example of disagree but commit.

This clip must be promoted, I am not sure about the name of the performance. Is it a dance? I personnally saw someone can do as well, left right left right like marching some more, but too bad, not recorded.

Models of the year! I am not sure the girl is slower or the guy is too fast. See when she puts her hand on his shoulder.

This is the Malaysia version of Brokeback Mountain, taken in Villa Dxxlia of Cameron Highlands.

And finally, BONUS! This is not a clip. But I think is equally nice and popular as the clips above. The purpose/function of the T shirt still remain mystery and discussed until today.

Seriously, guys, when is the next trip for the next SLU Funniest Home Video?


Fang Fang said...

haha miss those trips and my long hair too.

yalo, when ah?

simce said...

indeed TM can zhan po better than thomas leh :D...engheng can go to rap liao...wet white Tshirt with bikini inside,若隐若显, wanna make others 'small deers luan luan knock'

hANNiS said...

hmm.....if the guy she admires sees the picture.....OMG....

junny said...

hahaha.. I cannot stop laughing after watching the video clip..

pik lay said...

the last video so sexy.. no more value lorr