Friday, December 28, 2007

goodbye "twelve"

Today is a big day. After working there for almost 3 years, I'm moving away. Time to say goodbye to some friends there, I don't be able to see you all so often now, thanks for the great moments you all gave.

Of course, by moving away, I also do not need to see those faces that I don't want to see. But there are just so little of them. I still lose more than I gain.

New environment, new challenge? Maybe not, I'm still working on the same project and same job function.

Oh ya, not to forget, another good thing about moving there is that I will get a shaded carpark. Ok, it's still not my own carpark, still on first come first serve basis.

hmmm... come and think about it, this is really not a good timing to move, since there are a few new hires who are quite *ahem* up to standard. :P Guess I'm gonna miss all the fun.

Alright, I'm just moving my cube to another building. It's not such a big deal after all :P

Good bye "twelve", here I come "five dot two"


Fang Fang said...

The end is the beginning, just look at it positively. :D

You lost all the "up to standard" faces, but at least i am still there :D

pik lay said...

hahaha... she is ur only choice now

jwlaw83 said...

Hehe, I tot where you're going to. I tot I still see your face in "twelve" recently :D

Thian Min said...

got meh? i'm at five dot two everyday leh