Tuesday, May 20, 2008

what you do isn't helping.

One bad thing about Asian in general, we can't talk straight especially when it comes to criticsm. I'm not talking about those critics that do nothing other than harm. We see jerks and bitches who give bad comments out of nothing just because they are emotionally unstable when they see other people is doing better than them. What I'm saying here are those constructive negative feedback.

This happens a lot when it comes to good friends. Especially those hardcore chinese educated people I see around me. Even they know their good friend is actually doing something wrong, they still give some excuses to their friend as encouragement. Yea, I said excuse, because it contains no truth at all often.


Doing this is not going to help your friend, it's guiding your friend slowly towards the path to the damned. And when it happens, you can add one more point to your accomplishment for pushing one person into the fire where there's no turning back.

At the same time, when we are not so good at giving bad comments, we are not so good at handling one. Again, we see a lot of people around who can't accept anything bad comments about them. They treat those people as enemy instantly.

This is just one big karma, we don't give bad comments leads to we can't accept one when it's out of good intention. When we know our friends can't accept bad comments, we don't give any. Everyone just listen to the good one, ignore the bads, and we go towards the path where we can never improve.

p/s: Don't give me bad comments, I can't handle it.


pik lay said...

yes, chinese hard core is difficult to work with, some of them..

rebecca said...

This Is Just to Say

I have eaten

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