Monday, June 25, 2007

Star watching - Scorpio

I'm going to start writing about the constellations, starting with the 12 that everyone most familiar with, the horoscopes. Basically will update once a month, about what you can see early everynight during the month. This month featuring the Scorpio.

It's not hard to know the scorpio as it's one of the few that really take the shape of what it represent. Most of the star in that constellation is pretty bright and the one at the "body" of the scorpio appear to be reddish. It's called Antares, it's a big red giant star. For those who still remember a bit from secondary school astronomy chapter, u know what it is.

It's even easier to spot the Scorpio now as the biggest planet in our Solar system - Jupiter is just right beside it. Just look to the East about 9pm at night, you'll see a bright star, almost not blinking at all. (I know some of you were told those that're not blinking are satelites, I was told that too but it's not true).

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pik lay said...

Scorpio always the first..

Fang Fang said...

oh shit, antares flow. why??